In Our Hands Rescue rescues dogs and cats from shelters in the New York area as well as from other parts of the United States.  Many rescued animals come from southern states because of significant overcrowding, extremely high euthanasia rates, and poor spay/neuter programs in certain areas of Georgia, Kentucky and Florida.  


In Our Hands Rescue is committed to helping poor, abandoned and often neglected and abused animals no matter their origin.


We are a New York based rescue dedicated to saving dogs and cats, regardless of their origin. In Our Hands Rescue has helped hundreds of animals find their forever homes with loving families in the New York area. 


Our rescue relies entirely on donations and a network of volunteers. These individuals are committed to finding our animals their forever homes.


IN OUR HANDS RESCUE, INC., a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization incorporated in the State of New York, began in New York City in 2007, where we continue to focus our rescue efforts.  In 2008, In Our Hands Rescue expanded to assist needy animals anywhere, regardless of zipcode. 

In order to best assure the animal's continued welfare, even after leaving our direct supervision, In Our Hands Rescue adheres to strict standards of care, temporary foster placement and permanent placement.


In Our Hands Rescue

  • Provides appropriate vetting for each animal according to the state of the animal while in rescue

  • Recruits and approves foster homes to house the animal

  • Requires and/or provides the spay/neuter of every animal in the possession of the rescue in the past or present

  • Requires application, personal references, vet reference, home visit and adoption fee for adoption of any animal.  Adopters may be denied for any reason.

Our goals remain steadfast: To ameliorate the plight of abandoned, sick, injured, or neglected animals in New York City; to promote and require spay and neuter as a means of controlling the tragic pet population problem, and to offer refuge, whenever possible, to the neediest animals, where ever they may be.

Jennifer Lamb, 2009

Founder of In Our Hands Rescue