In Our Hands Rescue is a local rescue dedicated to saving dogs and cats, regardless of origin. Our organization has helped hundreds of animals find their forever homes with loving families in the New York area. 

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In Our Hands Rescue Adoption Contract

This is our standard adoption contract. Our number one concern is for the animals, and we strive to place them in good, loving homes.


All animal adoption contracts approved by In Our Hands Rescue are subject to the following terms and conditions:


The Adopter agrees that the animal will be kept only as a domesticated house pet. This means that dogs will be kept indoors except for periods of exercise in a fenced-in yard, dog run, or on a leash. Cats will be kept indoors at all times unless a screened-in porch or similar enclosure is available. The animal’s appearance will not be altered (declawing, tail docking, ear cropping), unless deemed medically necessary.


If the animal is not already spayed or neutered, the Adopter agrees to have him/her animal spayed or neutered as soon as possible, and within 4 weeks of adoption. The Adopter further agrees to provide proper veterinary care for the animal.


The Adopter grants In Our Hands Rescue the right to make periodic visits to the Adopter’s premises for the purpose of checking on the health and general welfare of the animal, and to verify that the animal has been spayed or neutered in accordance with the terms of this agreement.


The Adopter represents that all family or household members have agreed to the adoption of the animal and that all family or household members will abide by the terms of this agreement.


The Adopter is able to provide proof that (s)he is twenty-one years of age or older and is a head of household.


The Adopter has never been subject to legal action for cruelty to or neglect of animals. Furthermore, the Adopter has never owned an animal that has been confiscated by any animal control or humane organization for violations of state or local animal control regulations or animal adoption agreements.


If the Adopter is a tenant, (s)he agrees to provide written permission from the landlord/co-op/building management consenting to the animal adoption.


If for any reason the Adopter is unable to provide care to the animals, (s)he agrees to contact In Our Hands Rescue. Returns will be discussed on a case-by-case basis and will be dependent on the animal being up to date on all medical as well as the adopter providing a behavioral evaluation from a reputable trainer.  The Adopter shall not offer the animal for sale or give the animal to any third party without the prior written consent of In Our Hands Rescue. If a return is agreed upon, the Adopter agrees they will give IOHR up to 2 weeks to find proper placement for the animal. 


The Adopter agrees that In Our Hands Rescue shall have the right of immediate possession of the animal if, in the judgment of In Our Hands Rescue, the animals is receiving inadequate care, is being improperly housed or handled, or has not been spayed or neutered by the specified date.


The Adopter agrees to pay In Our Hands Rescue a sum of $1500.00 or more as liquidated damages in the event that the terms of this contract are breached. This liquidated damage value does not bar In Our Hands Rescue from seeking the return of the animal by judicial process or other legal means if necessary. If legal action is instituted, the Adopter agrees to pay reasonable attorney’s fees and court costs.


The Adopter hereby declares that (s)he is aware of the following:


  • Animals are different from human beings in their responses to human actions.

  • The actions of animals are often unpredictable.

  • An animal’s behavior may change after it leaves the shelter and becomes accustomed to a home or other different environment.

  • In Our Hands Rescue makes no claims as to the temperament, health, or mental disposition of any animal put up for adoption.


The Adopter understands that there will be NO REFUNDS OF THE ADOPTION DONATION.


The Adopter acknowledges that (s)he has received a copy of the In Our Hands Rescue Contract Terms.


The management of In Our Hands Rescue reserves the right to deny 

an application for reasons that might include, but are not limited to:


  • We do not feel the animal you have applied for is a good fit for your household

  • Your application does not provide us with enough information to approve you

  • You or your references have not been responsive to us

  • Your vet reference for your current animal(s) was not satisfactory

  • We do not feel you are fully prepared, for whatever reason, to bring an animal into your home, or are unable to determine this due to a language barrier or lack of communication

  • We do not feel the adopter is adequately able to care for the animals, either physically or financially

  • The applicant is too young