Foster Application

Are you ready to offer the best possible foster experience to an animal in need? We expect several things from our fosters, including compassion, perseverance, and reliability. Do you exemplify these qualities? Please give each question serious thought as it will help us determine your eligibility. Sharing your home with an animal, even temporarily, is a responsibility to be treated with care and respect. Many of our animals will require extra loving care as they recover from illness or learn correct behavior. If you are up to the challenge and ready to reap the rewards of helping save an animal's life, please continue on with the application!

Please note that fostering an animal does not exempt you from paying an adoption fee should you decide to adopt that animal. Please also note that except in case of emergency, IOHR will not reimburse for any unapproved expnses, including veterinary care. We have a vet and if your animal needs care, please contact us directly.

Finally, please do not fill out the application if you are not ready to provide a loving home for an animal in need! We always need new fosters, and might call on you for help more quickly than you are expecting!