Foster Procedure & FAQ

Can I foster a dog or cat?

We are always in need of more fosters! There is an application for fostering on our website.  Once you’ve filled it out, a member of our volunteer staff will contact you regarding next steps.

What is involved with fostering?

By fostering, you are agreeing to take an animal into your home and treat it as your own pet for a temporary period of time. The average time for fostering is approximately 2 weeks. If you have a time constraint (e.g. can only keep a pet for 3 weeks), just let us know in advance so that we can make other arrangements). We ask that fosters be prepared to bring animals to adoption events (if you don’t have transportation available we can often arrange). The animals don’t have to come to all of our events, but the more exposure they get, the more likely they are to get adopted faster!


It is a very rewarding and fun experience for people who are not ready to adopt but want to help save animals from being euthanized for space.


You are responsible for food and shelter, but not for medical care. If you are fostering and have a question about medical care, please contact the rescue immediately. We require our fosters to bring foster pets to one of our vets, except in case of emergency.

Am I responsible for finding an adoptive home for my foster pet?

Any help you can give us is always appreciated, but we will continue to search for a home for your pet while in your care. We do not leave animals with fosters and expect them to keep them indefinitely and take all responsibility for the animal. We always appreciate getting photos, videos, and pet descriptions from our fosters, as you are the ones who get the know the animal the best. If you want to post flyers in your area, or help us post on Craigslist, etc, we really appreciate the help, but if you aren’t able to, that’s ok! We just appreciate your help in caring for the animals.


Help! I’ve fallen in love with my foster pet! Can I adopt him / her?

YES! While you are not under any obligation to adopt your foster pet, and in fact, we would prefer it if you remained a foster, we recognize that sometimes a permanent placement with a foster is the best for all involved.


Please note that when formally adopting your foster pet, you are still subject to the application process and adoption fee.  Please understand that the organization has to incur significant expenses for each animal rescued, so cannot make exceptions on the adoption fees, even for fosters.  

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