We take on special cases every month. Most of the cases we take on are dogs in need of medical care who are then able to be adopted out quickly after the receive it but we also take on dogs with emotional scarring, senior pups, and owner surrender cases. Your generous donations help pay the medical bills and provide the proper care and training to our pups in need.  

Current Special Cases!


Charlie is Our 12 year old Puerto Rican Sato. He came to via a rescue partnership with skin problem, dry eye, bi-lateral ear infections and no teeth. 


PUPDATE: ADOPTED!!    Heartley is our 2 year old beagle from our Georgia who was Heartworm Positive. Heartley is currently receiving a fast kill heartworm treatment and will arrive on 10/6.


Fiona is another example pf a neglect case since  birth. Fiona was rescued with severe demodex mange. She has been treated and her hair and skin will continue to heal with time.